Rustic modern cabinet refinishing project with custom white cabinets and dark stained venthood

Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet refinishing can transform your kitchen from dated to gorgeous.  The finishes available for cabinetry can seem daunting and many niche finishes are available.  We apply many materials in different ways based on the application.  We refinish existing cabinets and also finish new boxes either off the wall or pre-installed.  If you are looking at repainting pre-finished cabinets an enamel finish is preferred, either latex or alkyd.  This allows a dependable and durable finish in a several step process in a variety of colors and sheens. For a more durable finish on new or previously lacquered cabinets we can apply several coats of sanding sealer tinted to whatever color you desire and then several thin coats of clear pre-catalyzed lacquer in a variety of sheens.  The typically 5 step process is very similar to most pre-finished cabinet companies and is one of the most durable finishes available.

Preparation Process

Proper surface preparation is the most important point in application of any paint or lacquer finish.  Without proper sanding and wood filler the finish will suffer and without a proper underlying base primer after initial prep final coats will be easily marred and chipped or in extreme cases peeling and delamination can occur.  We scrape if applicable and use a random orbital to sand the surface wherever new finish will be applied and hand sand edges and figured areas, wipe down all cabinetry, fill holes, and caulk any newly damaged or changed areas.  We then apply the proper bonding primer to the surface in preparation for the finish coat.  Finally we apply several coats of finish.

Addition Construction Steps

We also offer other services.

Kitchen remodeling involves many aspects and we offer more than just finishing options.  Contact us about special needs, demolition, or modification.

Counter, Cabinet, and Built-in Installation

We offer several options of carpentry and general contracting such as counter top removal and installation, cabinet installation either before or after refinishing, and installing custom built-ins.

Cabinetry Modification

Satisfied with most of the kitchen but have several small additions or changes to the plan?  Look no further.  We can add a dishwasher, change a single cabinet, or remove and install new hardware.

The Finishing Process

There are several options available for the finishing process.  We offer airless or HVLP spraying or more traditional brush and roll finishes.  Many times the frames can be brush and rolled and doors can be finished with a more durable product to reduce overall project costs.

Staining and applying clear finishes

We also offer stained or clear finishes on wood trim, cabinetry, and built-ins.  Special projects including glazing cabinetry or rustic/ distressed finishes are also options with a clear coat finish.