front of two tone two story exterior blue with white trim

Residential Exterior Painting

We offer residential exterior painting services to the Cedar Rapids, Marion, and Surrounding areas.  Iowa homes and businesses have several exterior options such as wood lap, wood paneling, vinyl, aluminum, or steel.  We can paint them all and ensure you will have a high bonding, long lasting finish.  We ensure your exterior looks perfect and will last as long as possible in our climate.

Proper Exterior Preparation

Several steps need to occur to ensure a high quality finish that lasts.  Power washing not only removes loose paint and cleans off dirt and mildew but also etches the surface when running an additive such as TSP (trisodium phosphate).  Hand scraping previously painted surfaces will keep any loose material under the new finish from flaking and peeling.

Board replacement and siding repair should be done prior to the finish coat if possible.  Raw wood should be primed to ensure maximum finish longevity.

Addition Construction Steps

Besides for prepping and painting we are able to offer siding repair and other secondary services.

Pressure Washing

We offer power washing services as well.  Does your vinyl siding need to be cleaned or do you need wood siding power washed to remove loose material?  We can help.

Staining Decks, Porches, and Patios

We offer staining services for exterior wood elements including stairs, decks, and patios.  For unpainted and unsealed wood we recommend an oil based transparent or semi-transparent stain to add longevity and UV resistance to your exterior.  If you want an opaque stain, we offer water borne options as well.

Historical District Rules and Regulations

If you live in a Historical District, certain requirements about the siding you are allowed, colors you choose, or process to finish need to be confirmed to ensure the home is in compliance.  For specific questions contact the Historic Preservation Commission at 1(319)286-5041

Lead Based Paint and your home

In homes built prior to 1978 there is the possibility lead based paint additives were used.  When scraping and refinishing older surfaces, dust and paint chips can offer a health hazard for you and your family.  Proper steps should be taken to ensure you are lead based paint free prior to the beginning of any painting project.  See the attached pamphlet for more information.