modern loft bedroom with painted mondrian inspired mural

Residential Interior Painting

We offer full service residential interior painting.  From trim, doors, and walls to ceilings and the most awkward stairwells imaginable, we paint it all.  We paint both new construction and existing homes.

Moving Furniture and Wall Hangings

In occupied homes we need roughly 3 feed of clearance from any walls we are painting.  If you can’t move the furniture prior to our arrival we are happy to move it away and reposition it next to wall when we are finished.  Wall hangings, photos, and artwork should be removed from the wall.  If you are putting any items back let us know.  We will fill any holes prior to painting unless told otherwise.

Additional Construction Steps

Not only do we paint interiors but we also hang drywall, frame, and install flooring and other miscellaneous construction projects.  Let us know if you need an itemized bid adding any other construction to your paint bid.

Bidding for Builders

Do you want a bid prior to the project start?  No problem!  Email your blueprints to us and we can run numbers before the foundation is poured.

Painting trim and doors

We can paint your trim and casing before or after walls are painted.  If you are thinking of changing that golden oak trim to white let us know at the beginning.  It could save you considerably at the end of the job.  We typically try to paint doors as they hang.  We can remove them and spray them out off site and re-hang them after they are cured.

Texture and Drywall Repairs

Many times walls will not be ready to paint immediately due cosmetic deterioration or damage.  We are able to match different styles of texture and repair holes and other damage prior to painting from popcorn texture, orangepeel, to knockdown.  We are able to patch and repair more than just drywall.  Plaster and stucco are also able to be repaired and painted.