Basement Transformations

unfinished basement painted gray floor and waterproofed walls clean

Most people in Iowa know the creepiest place in a house is your unfinished basement.  We have helped many people un-creepify their basements with some very simple and cost effective steps.

Waterproofing walls not only helps create a moisture barrier for your old limestone or block foundation, it also lightens up the space with more light reflection.  Do you have unneeded shelving or refuse that needs to be removed?  We can remove it for you.  Not only do you tidy up the space, you also open up the room to more light and get rid of those dank and dark corner spaces with the moving shadows.  Floors can be scraped, swept, and painted with  a tough epoxy finish for longevity and cleanability.

When your basement is finished you will have reclaimed useful space and taken care of any weird smells and stains, letting your kids go downstairs to do laundry again!

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